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The significance of church of Uganda martyrs museum development

 church of Uganda martyrs museumHis Grace Stanley Ntagali who is the current Archbishop of the Church of the province of Uganda on 15th September commissioned the Development committee aimed at organizing the Anglican site as a one stop site for the international Uganda safari undertakers to explore the rich religious and diverse Ugandan cultural values.
The Church of Uganda which previously ran under the umbrella of the Church Mission Society and the Native Anglican church is noted to have initiated the development of education, the health sector along with provision of social services some of which can be explored on safaris in Uganda. However, the church was slow to adopt the wealth creation initiatives that would generate wealth for the church and in turn be utilized to spread the gospel.
The 19th Century protestant history in Europe featured the Protestant work ethic that was characterized by frugality and hard work attributed to the personal salvation which resulted into the advancement of United States of America and Europe economically. The members of the Anglican Church in Uganda in the early 1930s when the East African Revival Movement was booming took up this Protestant work ethic and transformed socially, economically and intellectually. Despite the individual transformation, the institution of the church itself was reluctant to take up economic ventures which were greatly viewed at that time as worldly.
As time went on, the significant of economic power to ensure that that institution continues to thrive smoothly and execute the gospel spread effectively could not be avoided. The Retired Archbishop of Uganda Nkoyooyo generated the idea in 2013 that would see the Anglican Martyrs shrine developed for religious and tourism purposes among which include attracting believers world over to take safaris in Uganda to visit the site which in turn would generate revenue.
The Church of Uganda embarked on the mobilization and fundraising in all dioceses and as of now the Museum is at roofing stage and besides the museum building, a guesthouse of 100 rooms which will provide an overnight stay for the Uganda tour undertakers from both within and abroad.

The Anglican site shelters the remains of the 13 Protestant Martyrs and the 12 catholic martyrs who were buried below the Church of Uganda Martyrs Memorial Chapel Alter. The Pope Francis is anticipated to visit the site briefly on the 28th November 2015.
This Anglican chapel is located on the 48-acre land which was donated by the notable Teffero Kisosonkole himself being a survivor of the wrath of Kabaka Mwanga. The main site also houses the home of the command post of Mukajjanga the infamous Chief Executioner who oversaw the Martyrs execution. The torture tree named Ndazabazadde translated as the Women’s fate that deliver to only lose their offspring where the Martyrs were tied and tortured along with the spring well where the executioners would undertake the ritual cleanse and clean their instruments after killing are also found at the site. These features form great products that are worth exploring on Uganda safaris.
The development of the Church of Uganda Martyrs Museum is not only affirming the inspiration of faith and being the Christ’s witnesses among the Anglican believers but also is a good revenue generator that would effectively tap into the growing trend of faith based tourism.

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