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The story of Mountain gorillas in Rwanda – Uganda safaris

Mountain gorillamountain gorillass are one of the rarest large mammal species in the world. They are located in the misty hagenia forests draped with dangling moss and twisted vines and orchids of the virungas. The forests are home to the mountain gorillas and families, led by the dominant alpha silver-back males weighing up to 250kgs and protecting their families of females and the young ones.

Gorilla tracking safaris to Rwanda will expose you to the idyllic land scape, however, of peaceful gorilla families feeding and playing in lush montane forest vegetation which is so fragile. Surrounding these forests are enormous populations of people living in poverty and struggling to survive from day to day.

Gorilla trekking is one of the activities that are participated in due to the unique features of the gorillas which often exhibit various poses that appear comical and sometimes they seem to mimic human behaviors. They share many characteristics with humans, including a high degree of intelligence, complex social behavior, strong emotional bonds and well developed senses.

A gorilla safari to Rwanda will avail you with information about mountain gorillas were an adult gorilla will consume up to 20 kgs of vegetation in a day, although a silver-back may consume as much as 35kgs per day. Therefore, enough space and a healthy forest; are critical for the gorilla habitat.  

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