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The tourism clusters formed to enhance local tourism – Uganda tourism news

sipi falls in ugandaThe Government through the Ministry of Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities is working hard to ensure that the safaris in Uganda increase and the benefits that are generated from tourism increase too.
The market for tourism need to be diverse with both local and international travelers in order to avoid seasonal fluctuations in the number of Uganda safari undertakers a reason why developing domestic tourism has been given a priority.
The initiative of creating tourism clusters in various regions of Uganda to bring tourism closer to people to enable them understand the significance of tourism and understand the tourism resources that are surrounding them which can prompt people from other regions to plan safaris to Uganda. A range of 10 geographical spreads have been clustered and the specific tourism attractions would then be developed using the local expertise, indigenous knowledge then with technical support from the government.
This initiative will see many tourism resources identified for tourism which would definitely increase the number of attractions in the country and ensure the visitor prolonged stay thus generating increased revenue from travelers on Uganda safaris and tours. The natives will also be curious to discover what is surrounding them thus increasing the travel in the country and domestic tourism in particular.
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