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The Tourism sector is the main source of income for Uganda- Uganda Safaris & Tours

rhino uganda safarisThe recent World Bank study identified the tourism sector as the main source of income for Uganda. This showed that the sector has continued to provide high revenues to the country which is from the increased Uganda safaris which are carried out within the tourist destinations.The report recently shows that the tourist who come for safaris to Uganda have continuously spent a lot of money with in Uganda. This has made tourism as the biggest income earner to Uganda. This is mainly according to the Economic and statistical Analysis of the tourism industry in Uganda.This means that the more tourists attracted to Uganda, the more safaris generated which leads to increased revenues to the country. The reports showed that over 100,000 tourists get attracted to Uganda and this helps in adding 111% to the exports and 1.6% to the GDP of the country which helps in developing the economy of Uganda.The increase in the revenues was reached from the survey which was conducted from the data from the tourists leaving Uganda, and how much money they spent during their safaris in Uganda, all this proved that tourism is the leading sector in Uganda.The study identified that the tourists were mostly satisfied with their safari trips to Uganda, however, transport, poor visitor information and quality of customer service as the major problems still facing the tourism sector.

In order to increase Uganda safaris, the study proposed the investing in natural assests and the proper management of the national parks as the main concern for the tourism sector. More so improving the roads and transport access especially to the tourist destinations. Other suggestions included; increasing the supply of tourism services through marketing and promotion.

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