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The tourist visa fees for Uganda changed from $50 to $100

East Africa visaTo enter Uganda on any of the Uganda safaris, one requires an entry visa provided he / she is not a resident or a citizen in the East African community. This Uganda tourist Visa can be secured at the immigration desk at any official entry point of Uganda on arrival.
Uganda basically applies visa reciprocal programme whereby the countries that offer free entrance of her citizens, she extends the same to their nationals. Additionally being a partner state in the East African Community, she allows the citizens of the partner states to enter without the paying for her visa even when they are coming to do safaris in Uganda. The northern corridor Integration initiative has also carried out considerable work including promoting the initiatives that target tourism development in the partner states. As a result, the countries including Uganda have allowed the foreign residents within their countries to move freely without paying for the visa fees provided they are traveling for leisure and have valid work permits.
Therefore, for those that do not fall under that arrangement have to passionately pay the Visa fees if they are entering Uganda. Uganda known as the Pearl of Africa has been at the center of world exploration since time memorial. Ancient European Explorers found their way to Uganda in search for the source of the Nile River among which include John Speke, James Grant and Henry Stanley. However, it turned out that Uganda was not only the source of the Nile but also a haven for wonders. The mystical mountains of the moon had earlier been proclaimed by Ptolemy in the year 150AD in his speculations for the source of the Nile and Stanley was happy to ascertain that actually the mountain existed and in Uganda. The great Explorer and Big game hunter Sir Samuel Baker came across the Murchison Falls a feature that would turn out to be the world’s powerful water fall. Lake Victoria was not only the source of the Nile but also the largest lake on the African continent and the second largest fresh water lake in the whole world. All these made Uganda famous and safaris to Uganda gained ground.
The prominent world personalities picked interest from the writings of these ancient explores and made tours to Uganda in century that followed. Winston Churchill traversed Uganda and he was mesmerized by the fertile landscape, the flora, fauna and the people and it was not by mistake that he crowned it the Pearl of Africa in 1908. Ernest Hemmingway in the 1954 also visited Uganda to explore its remarkable beauty.
With such background, the travel to Uganda is by no means ordinary and though Uganda faced a relatively unstable political environment after independence up to 1986, the wind of stability swept through the country and wildlife, tourist infrastructure and people and their heritage have gained ground to flourish. Apparently sheltering close to a half of the critically endangered mountain gorillas in her habitats of Bwindi and Mgahinga, largest populations of Chimpanzees, classic wild game including the Big five and holding 11% of the world’s bird Species and the 50% of the Africa continent, Uganda safari tours are indeed beyond the ordinary.
The government in a bid to generate reasonable revenue to facilitate its programmes including the extension of the social services to its people and enhance its efficiency in the delivery process, tourism is identified as a contributor to this move. As a result the Visa fees which were initially at $50 were reviewed and with the beginning of July 1st 2015, the travelers had to pay $100 for the tourist visa to Uganda. However, it can be seen as a contributory factor to justification of the government’s commitment to present a favorable ground for tourism development and ensure its continuity through among others conserving and preserving the elements on which it is built.

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