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The treasures of Budongo Forest – Uganda Safaris

Budongo ForestBudongo forest is a mahogany forest which is located in the north west of Kampala and it’s just near Murchison National. The forest has attracted many safaris to Uganda, since it’s a good spot for research and many more tourists’ activities which are enjoyed by the tourists.

This forest has 465 plant species, 366 bird species which favours the birding safaris and 250 butterfly species. The park has got a total of 800 chimpanzees and other common primates and these include the red tailed monkey, black and white monkey. All these have attracted many Ugandan safaris to Uganda.

More so , Budongo forest has been known as a popular birding destination with a total of 366 species of birds, some of these species include; the African dwarf, yellow footed fly catcher, lomon billed rec,batis, the white thinghed horn bill, chestnut and the many more birds which make the forest a good site for bird watching. The destination has attracted many bird watching safaris.

The forest was developed for visitors with only a few chimpanzees which are now attracting chimpanzee tracking safaris to Uganda. It was later realised that the forest had many tourism potentials which could be liked by the tourists, later it was considered as a major tourist destination.

The main activities that are enjoyed by the tourists include the forest walks, which are mostly done in Busingiro tourist site, where you can have an opportunity if seeing tree species, birds and butterflies. Many tourists have enjoyed the walks which has attracted many safaris.

Bird walks can also be enjoyed, since the forest is a good site for bird watching, this is along the Royal mile, which is considered to be a home to many bird species like the African dwarf, the chocolate blacked Kingfisher and the blue breasted Kingfisher. There are many other bird species which can be enjoyed by the tourists.

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