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The Uganda ’s cultural institutions turn to tourism for sustainability

tourism bugandaUganda in her constitution of 1995 recognizes the hereditary cultural institutions which used to exist before the coming of the republican government. these cultural institutions of buganda, bunyoro been of interest to world travelers including those on safaris in Uganda and toro were able to restore their monarchical governments when they were granted the rights of kingdoms while others are chiefdoms. for example the kingdom to do so and apparently are well functioning. other chiefdoms in the country such as the Acholi also exist and because of them being custodians of the culture, they have for long.
Initially, the travelers visiting these palaces and the controlled cultural sites would be considered like any other guest and in traditional Africa there was no way how they could be charged. Instead, they would be welcomed and then offered a seat followed by a drink and food and then attend to his interest for visiting.
However, it can be noted that with the changing trends and increasing desire to create a justification for the continuity of these institutions, they have resolved to act like other destinations and put their heritage to use for the benefit of Uganda safari undertakers and to their own good. Buganda Kingdom which is the most organized centralized Kingdom in Uganda and the region has embarked on tourism projects among which include the tourism expo named the Buganda Tourism Expo.
Coming as the eighth in the Buganda annual travel expo series, the 2015 Buganda Tourism Expo is running from 23rd Aug – 30th Aug 2015 at the Kingdom Palace in Lubiri with the theme being Million Tourists, Million opportunities. The expo will come to an end on Sunday officiated with the Kabaka (King) of Buganda Ronald Mutebi II. The event is welcoming every one and most especially the travelers on safari in Uganda.
The exhibition is showcasing the artifacts of the Buganda museum including the initial Luganda bible, the coins that were used during the reign of Kabaka Mwanga and the initial Radio in Buganda. The eighteen (18) clans of Buganda will also be showcasing their items. It is such an opportunity allowing people for various parts of the world to learn about the culture and heritage of the Baganda people.

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