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The Uganda tourism board set to tap tourism potential in ssese islands – Uganda safari news

ssese islands – Uganda safaris The Ssese Islands thriving amidst the waters of the gigantic Victoria Lake have got great tourism potential that would attract a range of world travellers to undertake safaris to Uganda. However, for long this potential has always remained underutilized. The light has started to appear in the move of tapping this potential for national tourism development after the Deputy CEO of the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) Mr. Ssempebwa John visited the island and realized that it was beyond the ordinary when it comes to tourism offers.
As a result the UTB – the body that is responsible for marketing the Uganda safari tour products has partnered with the Ssese Island Nature Conservation and Tourism Association commonly abbreviated as SENCATA with the aim of promoting tourism and conservation on the famous Ssese Islands.
The range of untapped tourism activities like sport fishing, boat cruising, quad biking, camping among others coupled with attractions like the cultural sites of Mukasa and Wanema, nature walks on the islands, caves, and a range of religious sites in Bumangi and Bungoma present a great potential that should be encountered by travellers on safaris in Uganda.
The Uganda Tourism Board has organized a stake holder meeting in the late time of April 2015 and it within this meeting that Ssese Tourism Cluster will be launched. The stakeholders would include all those that have a role to play towards tourism development on the Island including hotel owners, boda boda riders all the way to district leaders. On top of this initiative the team from Uganda Tourism Board will undertake accommodation inspecting exercise on the Island to identify key areas for improvement. This will be aimed at promoting accommodation standardization on the Island to ensure travellers satisfaction while on Uganda safaris and tours on the Island.
During the visit, UTB boss also identified a gap in the guiding services thus the need to identify and train the youths on the Island to become the tour guides has to be given consideration. The move to tap the tourism potential at Ssese is seen as a positive step to reducing unemployment on the island as women embark on selling crafts and sell souvenirs to travellers on safari in Uganda.

The need to enhance the pier at Lutoboka is also very important as apparently the ferry from Nakiwogo is in operation which means that most people will transfer through this route than passing through Masaka. The Ssese Island has got that capacity to get 2,000 visitors every week which would count to 100,000 plus for the whole year. The challenge on the Islands has been the inadequate inter connectivity with some Island totally cut off from telephone network.
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