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The Uganda tourism board targets about 1000 homestays ahead of the Uganda martyrs day – Uganda safari news

The Home stay concept is increasingly gaining ground in Uganda for the past two years. In the year 2014, a count of 30 home stays were registered with the Uganda Tourism Board however the number has been on the rise following the increase in demand from Uganda safari undertakers.
Following this trend, the Uganda Tourism Board, the body that is responsible for grading and ensuring standards in Uganda tourism industry to ensure that the travelers in safaris in Uganda have a memorable stay in the country has increased its expectations and is currently targeting 1000 home stay facilities before the 3rd of June 2015 which will mark the celebration of the Uganda Martyrs day.
The Home-stay thing is a type of tourism where visitors on Uganda safaris and tours are given an opportunity to immerse themselves in the nation’s cultures, hospitality, languages, lifestyles, going-out, tasty cuisines, family events like Kuhingira and Kwanjula among other aspects as members of the community and the family in particular. This enables guests to be incorporated within and results into a strong host – guest relationship which goes beyond the usual interaction that is always common in the tourism industry.
The Home stay concept is seen as a positive move as it a lucrative endeavor through which the families can earn extra income and benefit from tourism.
The Deputy Chief Executive Director of Uganda Tourism Board Mr. Sempebwa John who also overlooks the Quality Assurance at UTB noted that 152 have so far been registered and one has been turned due to inadequate standards. However, he continued to note the count is still low and thus people with extra accommodation units can contact UTB for consideration after meeting the minimum requirements that would not compromise the experience of any traveler on a safari in Uganda. It is from this, that the Director noted that UTB targets 1000 homestay facilities that will host pilgrims who will plan safaris to Uganda from different parts of the world to commemorate the Uganda Martyrs.

The home stay arrangements involve the contract setting where the both sides the host and the guests agree on what is expected of the other to avoid conflicts and dissatisfaction. While the Uganda Tourism Board has already listed the minimum requirements for a home stay. These include; location should be suitable for receiving and hosting paying guests and also in harmony with the cultural, natural and built up environment, in line with regulations of the local government, comfort and safety of the paying client, literature covering services, emergency and fire exit procedures, internal phone directory, menus and information on the tourist sites and facilities. This information has to written in English/French including Kiswahili language. The accommodation units have to be well protected and fumigated by well trained and authorized personnel against insects and vermin. Putting this in consideration enables the travelers on Uganda tours to have a memorable experience in these facilities.
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