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Home » Blog » The Ugandan government to ban vehicles and equipment with shouting colors from national parks with oil resources

The Ugandan government to ban vehicles and equipment with shouting colors from national parks with oil resources

Uganda safari toursThe Government of the Republic of Uganda has concluded the plans to prohibit the movement of Vehicles and installation of equipment that possess bright colors in particular red and white in the national parks with oil resources which are also the same sites explored by travelers on safaris in Uganda
The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) Executive Director Dr. Tom Okurut unveiled this move while giving a keynote speech at the level of preparedness in the Albertine Graben Oil Producing areas public dialogue. The Environmental director disclosed that when the vehicles traverse the national Park, the wild game halt their feeding and embark on watching the moving vehicle and that this is more common with red and white vehicles which is thus considered a great issue that needs to be addressed to avert the alteration of wildlife behavior and disturbance which are some of the effects that accrue from continuous wild game viewing as the case on Uganda safaris
Considering the fact the much of the oil explored in Uganda is positioned within the protected areas and the areas close to these protected sites in the famous Albertine rift a re-known biodiversity haven with great scale of endemic species some of which pull world travelers to plan safaris to Uganda, the implementation of such a move is long overdue.
The National Environmental Management Authority an organization that is charged with the management of environment in Uganda intends to engage other stake holders including the Uganda Wildlife Authority the body charged with management of wildlife both within and outside protected areas to see that the initiative of banning shouting colors in these areas are put in consideration.
The vehicles with red or white colors will not be allowed to access the National Park. Also the rigs that the oil drilling companies are intending to bring in have to be in matching color with the environment so as to minimize wildlife disturbance which are among the prime Uganda safari products thus affecting the tourism industry and the conservation in general.

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