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THE UGLIEST BATTLE-Uganda Safaris news

imagesAs many people are grappling with better ways to enhance their beauty, two men are proud to be the ugliest men in the country. Uganda is not only blessed with the varieties of attraction but also the ugliest men in Uganda. The two gentlemen known as Senyonja john alias and Godfrey Baguma are fronting their body features to justify who is having the ugliest in Uganda, and who will take the trophy home. What a crazy world, the two gentlemen carrying with them self with a horde of reasons as to why, in their opinion, they are ugliest than the other. Uganda safari can offer you the chance to have an exciting moment while you participate in voting the ugliest man in Uganda and immersing yourself in the Africa culture and community. Seeing the zombies of Uganda physically will always make you remember the Safari visit to Uganda. Not only will you engage in the competition but also Uganda as safari tourism destination will offer you the gorilla tracking and trekking safaris which will make you wonder about the origin of our most dear ugliest men. Gorilla tracking safaris offers you a wonderful experience as yourself immerse with the gorillas for some hours. Safari to Uganda cultural site will also give you more surprising news as you move along the Batwa trails while getting to know their life style .

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