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The Uniqueness about Budongo Forest Found in Uganda – Uganda safari News

kibale chimpsThe North eastern escarpments of Lake Albert on your way to Murchison Falls National Park give you the opportunity to watch the Budongo Forest. This is found in the Northwestern part of Kampala. The forest was gazzeted in 1932 and it covers around 793square kilometers 53% being forest and 47% grassland. The forest experiences a rainy season from March to May and September to November then a dry season from December to February. The park has therefore attracted very many Uganda safaris because of its unique attractions.

The forest is known for its abundance of mahogany trees the tallest having 80 meters and this gives tourists a unique experience while on their safaris in Uganda. The forest has 465 species of trees, 24 species of mammals, 130 species of moths, 359 species of birds and 289 species of butterflies most of which tourists on Uganda safaris watch as they stop by the forest.

Tourists on Uganda safari carryout the following activities as they visit budongo forest. There is hiking the different hills like little kasenene hill, pabidi hill, there is bird watching, forest walks as learn more about the trees, and primates, participating in school activities like at Busingiro, chimpanzee tracking and habituation and so many other activities that make tourists happy on their safaris in Uganda.

The forest is however facing a problem of degradation as the local people near masindi town which is located near the forest use part of the area for their own benefit. These get timber from the forest, use the area as the place for settlement, fishing grounds, schools, markets and so many purposes. The north part of the forest is where the Murchison Falls National Park which is also visited by tourists on their safaris to Uganda.

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