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The unspeakable beauty found at the unique Wildwaters’ Lodge


Splashing in the waters of Lake Victoria is so much fun especially if you are going to take a break after your Uganda safari in the ambiance of a comfortable lodge like Wildwaters’ Lodge. When you visit the getaway you can wish you would stay there for eternity as witnessed by all travelers that have come on various Uganda safaris.

Wildwaters lives up to its name, it is a beauty nestled in magnificent white waters, and most spectacular of these water falls being the Kalagala Falls that get their waters and force from the mighty River Nile-a must see Uganda safari or Uganda safaris` tourists.

Clients who on their Uganda safaris stay at Wildwaters see a lodge uniquely placed in the middle of Lake Victoria, in an enclave of trees and shrubs which thicken and give you the feeling you are at home with nature at this solid rock peninsula making your Uganda safari or Uganda tour unique and memorable.

It gives you the true feeling of getting out of the crowded noisy busy town, as this place has no dust, no cars or boda bodas (motorcycles) hooting, since it dwells in the middle of Africa’s gigantic fresh water body.

A work of art
Tourists that visit Uganda the pearl of Africa on their various Uganda safaris intimate that the closer  one gets to Wildwaters Lodge, the more exited you feel as you witness the water hitting against the rocks which offers a truly eye catching marvelous sight to behold.

With no dought,it is one place to go and “wash” your mind and soul of all your life’s dusty moments and memories, as it lets you enjoy maximum moments in this hidden haven.

The proprietor, Gav Fahey said that it took him two and half years to creatively bring out such beauty standing in the midst of a lake.

There is maximum hospitality and it greets you immediately when you reach the lodge. It begins with a lady or gentleman asking to help you with your luggage as another offer you a welcome glass of fresh juice you will definitely feel at home yet far away on a Uganda safari our safari to Uganda.

A marked out walk way leads you up to the reception area which has a spectacular dining area from where you can still catch sight of the wild waters, then a swimming pool that is fed with waters with racing rapids, a lovely relaxing area besides it and a common area from which you can relax as you sip on chilled Champagne.

Perfect for some quality time
The common area has a library, a breakfast lounge, surfing lounge that are beautifully decorated within head-level sight with overhead decorations like chimes and roofing architecture.

Right outside after the library is a unique wooden bridge, connecting to different points of the 10 timber-floor rooms and wooden walkways that connect the rooms from the bridge. Before you go to other Uganda safari tourist destination,this is a tourist attraction of its kind.

From your rooms you can enjoy solitude as you take a look at beautiful views of the shrubs underneath and overlooking the decks of the rooms as well as the falls on the east end of the island  and Nile’s wild with the thunderous rapids.
At your wooden balcony you can as well enjoy a private shower in bathtubs of cold and warm water, alone or with your loved one, without fear of snooping eyes,a great idea for Uganda safari honey mooners

You could as well do this within the fitted shower made of stone and steel showers. The sinks are artistically made with bowels molded out of clay, stone and then jars that will remind you of the past colonial times making it quite unique and bringing out the true feeling of a memorable Uganda safari, any of the many Uganda safaris provided you stay at Wildwaters Lodge during your safari to Uganda .


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