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The Virunga Mountains attracting more Tourists in Rwanda-Rwanda safari News

virungaThe Virunga Mountains are described as a sequence of volcanoes found in East Africa. Volcanoes are known as apertures in the surface’s remotest solid shell of a rocky planet which allows gases, volcanic cinders plus hot lava to escape from the volcanic emission cavity underneath the surface. These are interesting to watch and have increased the number of safaris in Rwanda, Uganda and DRC.

 These have increased the number of people to come for safari tours because they are distinctive attractions found in only Rwanda. They are positioned along the north part of Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo hence increasing more tours in the areas. The word virunga was derived from a Kinyarwanda called ibirunga meaning volcanoes.

The Virunga Mountains encompass the mountain gorillas which are most attractive animals. These have attracted many tourists to come for gorilla trekking in Rwanda,uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. This is because they are very much endangered and rare therefore attracting more gorilla safaris where they are situated.

 The mountain gorillas face many problems which include poaching where animals are illegally killed because there are no firm laws against poachers, habitat loss especially by the confined people who destroy the forested areas hence making gorillas run to other areas and the other problem are the diseases which are sometimes got from humans. However all these problems are trying to be resolved so as to promote more safari visits and boosting the tourism sector.

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