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Threats of climate changes to wildlife in Uganda’s National Parks – Uganda Safaris

animal caucusWildlife in National Parks has been affected by many threats including, poor management, and population pressure of the local people near the habitants of the animals, however, climate change is a big effect to the animals especially those living in the national parks. These effects have decreased the number of animals hence reducing the number of safaris to Uganda.

The reduction in the number of animals in the national Parks is due to many factors, both environmental and geographic and all these factors have been brought about by climate changes, the animals have been dying especially in the National parks which has reduced Uganda safaris to the country.

Climate change has also lead to habitant loss which in turn has lead to reduction wildlife thus leading to reduced safaris in Uganda. Habitant loss has also been brought about by increased population of the local people around the National Parks; these have displaced many animals which has affected wildlife in Uganda.

More so, climate change affects the wildlife more than the temperatures, this is because, it leads to shifts in the amount of rainfalls, storm patterns, water shortages and catastrophic wildfires and the rise in the sea level. All these have affected the life cycle of wildlife in the National Parks hence reducing the lives of animals thus affecting Uganda safaris to National parks.

Climate changes more so, leads to loss of sea ice which keeps the temperatures low, coastal flooding and erosion from the running water which affects the wildlife habitats hence leading to the death of the animals hence reducing safaris to Uganda.

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