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Tipping advice for Visitors on Uganda gorilla trekking safari-Uganda safari News

gorilla in ugandaThere is undeniable fact that memorable gorilla trekking in Uganda remains the most life changing wildlife experience that visitors on Africa safaris can ever have on the ancient hilly forested areas of Bwindi Impenetrable national park or Mgahinga Gorilla Park conveniently located in south western part of Uganda. Inspite of the fact that much information has been published about mountain gorillas, what they are, where they stay, how they reproduce, what they feed, and all the process it takes to book a Uganda gorilla trekking safari, this article will avail you with the tips or advice on how to have life changing gorilla trekking experience in Uganda while leaving a thousand smiles to those that are entirely involved in organizing and making your gorilla safari experience success.
Tipping on your Uganda gorilla trekking safari tour is hundred percent accepted but it’s not a must that visitors on their mountain gorillas tour must tip however it’s recommendable for all willing visitors. Tipping is just recognition and enjoyment of a good service offered to you by your waiter, waitress, driver guide, ranger guide or any local community member who does something good to you and as such, visitor can tip according to her or his own will but what is given below is just directive tipping advice to assist you not to over appreciate or under appreciate the good services rendered to you on your gorilla trekking tour in Uganda.
Tips to safari driver guides is allowed and highly recommendable because a driver guide will be your immediate conduct person right from the first day of your gorilla safari to the last day .He is the one in charge of transferring you from your Kampala place of stay to and from Uganda’s gorilla trekking destination of Bwindi Impenetrable or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park where mountain gorilla trekking activities are done. I advise that if the number of visitors is 4 and above, you may decide to appreciate your driver guide by giving him between 10-20 Dollars per person and this can be done on the last day of the gorilla tour. Then if you are only alone or two people, you may actually decide to tip basing on what your heart directs you putting in consideration the level of service the guide has offered to you.
Tips to ranger guides are encouraged because these are individuals who will lead you to the hilly, slippery forest trails to search for the endangered mountain gorillas in their serene natural habitat. I advise that for the case of ranger guides, each and every individual may decide to tip from 5-15 Dollars in a group of 8 trekkers and this should be dropped in the central tipping box found at each and every Park headquarter or else, it should be handed to the lead or head ranger guide who will then distribute the amount or tip to whole group of the rangers that were involved in guiding, briefing, explaining more about gorillas, natural environment and other additional help rendered to you when encountering the mountain gorillas.
In case you hire a porter to help you carry the hiking equipment’s during the time of trekking the mountain gorillas, always remember to give a tip ranging from 2-3 dollars on top of the 15 dollars paid to hire him.
I also hearten visitors on gorilla safari in Uganda to appreciate the waiters in Lodges, restaurants, hotels any other place you are offered service from. Each and every visitor can decide to tip between 3-5dollars per stay and you may drop in the Center tipping box so that they can share. If you feel convinced with service of one waiter or waitress, you may give to direct to an individual. But consider that while you are in direct interface with waiters, there are some other workers behind the scene and they deserve to be appreciated.
If it happens that you go with a porter for your gorilla tracking, always remember that an extra tip on top of 15 dollars paid to hire him is always welcome. Anything from 2-3 dollars or more is recommended. Please further note that tipping guidelines differ from one company to another and these apply to us only.
Please kindly note that tipping is not must but highly recommended while on your Gorilla trekking safari to Uganda.
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