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Today we visit the busingye mountain gorilla family – Uganda gorilla safari news

gorilla and tours - ugandaWe cannot stop talking about the unfathomable love that we have for the word’s few existing mountain gorillas. When we get the opportunity to watch them or to listen to a story about them, we are reminded of who we are. We certainly know that a Gorilla Safari in Uganda is an activity inspired by a search for a different form of our ownselves. These animals perfectly mirror who we are.
With some of the mountain gorilla families still living wildly, while others have been habituated, we hold them all as treasures. This is credibly why many visitors make annual trips to the three countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo DR which provide lodging to the world’s total mountain gorilla population. Uganda holds slightly above half the total population of these creatures in her Mgahinga and Bwindi Impenetrable National Parks; and today we will take a trip to one of Uganda’s 13 (thirteen) habituated mountain gorilla families which can be visited by tourists on Uganda Gorilla Safaris.
Busingye means “Peace”, but this is not what suitably defines the character of Busingye the group’s alpha silverback. In June 2012 because of the thirst for power and dominance, Busingye planned a successful secession from his former family called Kahungye. Even after forming a family of his own, Busingye to date does not seem to get enough. Busingye finds it interesting to notoriously snatch females from other mountain gorilla groups to add to his own. He reminds me of ambitious men like Napoleon Bonaparte I of France.
Despite his weaknesses, Busingye has continued to show commitment to his family by providing them with food and protecting them from attacks particularly by wild mountain gorilla groups. He has surely made progress with a promising number of 9 members which he was able to gather after a mere 1 (one) year and 7 (seven) months in January 2014. His family of 9 (nine) can be visited while on a Gorilla Safaris and Tours in Uganda in the Ruhija province of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

The behavior of mountain gorillas, like other apes that have traversed the earth for millennia and centuries is undoubtedly one that springs deep from the genes they hold within. The similarity between man and the mountain gorillas in the way they provide and live for one another can probably be ascribed to the genes they both share. It is very easy to differentiate between man and these apes by mere sight during a Gorilla tracking Safari in Uganda, but the similarities that grow from within massively make them just one other distant brother of the human race. I have learnt to believe that “mountain gorillas aren’t merely like man but are man himself”.
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