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Top Uganda Self Drive Safari Packages You Must Look At Before Your Safari Uganda!

You may be wondering if you can enjoy a self-drive safari in Africa on your Africa safari! The answer is absolute Yes, it’s absolutely possible! Are you now looking for the best the destination to partake a self-drive car hire safari, look no further, book with us a self-drive car hire safari in Uganda? Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd is one of the best cars hire Uganda companies where one can hire a self-drive car to use on his safari Uganda with his family, as a couple, as a group or as a solo traveller.

self driveDriving in a new destination like Uganda on your Africa safari tour is really challenging. There are a big number of things to note before you hit the road for your Uganda wildlife safari, Jinja city tour, Kampala city tour, Uganda gorilla safari, chimpanzee trekking safari Uganda, short Uganda wildlife safaris, Long Uganda wildlife safari, Uganda gorilla tours, short Uganda gorilla safaris, Uganda cycling safaris, and many more depending on the destination you’re driving to.

Below are some of the tips to help you stay safe while on self-drive tours in Uganda

  • Check the vehicle thoroughly

    Upon delivery of the self-drive car hire Uganda, check the car thoroughly well before setting off to any destination on your Visit Uganda. Check if you have a spare tire especially if it’s in better conditions. For longer journeys, you will need at least two tires. As well make sure that you have checked the steering wheel, water level, lights, oil, wiper blades and for any linkages. Check the service tag as it will indicate when the vehicle was previously serviced.
  • Use road maps and GPS

Taking a self-drive safari in a foreign destination is very challenging. Chances of you easily getting lost are high and this is because you not familiar with the directions of the area.

To help you get out this stressing situation, you will need a road map and GPS to help you find the appropriate direction in the remotest areas that you are not popular with.

  • Obey the traffic laws while on road

Like any destination, traffic laws are worth following if you are to stay out of dangers on the road. Make sure that you can read road signs, do not drink and drive and at all times, put on your seat belt and get make sure that the rest of members on board are all on their seat belts.

  • self driveHave breaks, eat and make sure your vehicle has fuel

During your self-drive Uganda safari, make sure you take some breaks so you can refresh your mind after a long drive. Have adequate eats and fuel the vehicle especially if you are moving to remote areas where there are no fuel pumps. Never leave a big centre without filling your gas tank, otherwise, you may not find any fuel station in the next area especially the protected areas in Uganda.

  • Avoid driving at night

Many areas in Uganda don’t have street lights making it risky. Driving at night may require that you have a car with very good lights to help you out. You, therefore, need to be early enough to the area of interest so as to help you stay safe. Darker areas are too challenging even when it comes to accessing any kind of help.

  • Avoid driving when you are tired

If you are feeling tired, it is advisable that you park aside and have a rest or give your colleague to also take up the wheel, provided he or she knows how to drive and possess a valid driver’s license.

  • Understand the weather patterns

Take note of the weather changes and know what speed to use. Try to limit down on your speed since the roads can be muddy or slippery. Marram roads are worst, very dusty with potholes and you might find it challenging to navigate when it has rained and it’s a reason you need to hire a 4×4 safari van, or a 4×4 safari land cruiser, or any 4×4 safari vehicle.

  • Mind about the rest of other road users

Most of Uganda’s roads are narrow and there can be some pedestrian walks. You need to be attentive and take note of other road users like Boda Boda riders, students, cyclists and cattle as most of them can be crossing the road.

  • You need to know the park rules and regulations

Like any destination, following rules and regulations is very vital if you are to enjoy your safari in Uganda’s national parks like Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Kidepo National Park, Mount Elgon National Park, and many more. Do not feed wild animals, don’t drive off track, don’t walk alone in the park, be within the tent in case you are camping, don’t litter in the park, and do not keep food items in the tent otherwise you will attract hyenas and lions that can easily come and attack you, don’t over speed in the park and many more.

  • Mobile Network coverage

In some of the areas in Uganda, there might be no clear network coverage. This means that you need to have a satellite phone.

In conclusion, when you think about self-drive safaris in Uganda, there is a lot more to keep in mind. To stay safe while on your trip to Uganda, you need to follow the above-listed tips and you will enjoy your tour in Uganda.

Top Self-Drive Uganda Safari Packages

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