Ethiopia Tours 2021-2022: Ethiopia Safari, African Wildlife, Community & Cultural Safaris in Ethiopia Tour.

Ethiopia tour or Ethiopia safaris takes you to the best Ethiopia safari destinations. Ethiopia is an African country positioned in the horn of Africa and those who have had a visit to Ethiopia tours one of the incredible destinations in Africa with a great deal of culture & heritage, scenic landscapes, and wildlife.  Ethiopia borders South Sudan and Sudan in the West, Eritrea in the North & Northeast, and Kenya in the South stretching to 1,100,000km2 with 102 million people making it the world’s most populated landlocked country.

Wildlife safaris in Ethiopia are a major ingredient to Ethiopia tours during which many travelers trek trekking Gelada Baboons, the famous churches of Lalibela as well as Ethiopian Wolves, etc.

A-List of Ethiopia Safari National Parks / Ethiopia tour destination.

  1. Bale Mountains National
  2. Awash National ParkSimien
  3. Mountains National Park
  4. Nechisar National Park
  5. Mago National Park
  6. Abijatta‑Shalla National Park
  7. Omo National Park

Ethiopia tour safaris are boosted by a wide range of historical sites where many travel enthusiasts that wish to undertake Historical safaris in Ethiopia as one of their dream Africa Safaris. Ethiopia has a great social, cultural, political history on the African continent and this also forms a great range of Ethiopia tours.

Here is a List of  Ethiopian Historical safari sites to visit on your Ethiopia tours:-

  • Cities of Axum.
  • Gondar.
  • Lalibela.
  • Negash Mosque.
  • Harar Jugol.
  • Sof `Umer Washa. 

List of World Heritage Sites in Ethiopia to visit on your Ethiopia tour – safari

  1. Ruins of Aksum
  2. Rock-Hewn Churches at Lalibela
  3. Fasil Ghebbi, Gondar Region
  4. Harar Jugol
  5. the Fortified Historic Town
  6. Konso Cultural Landscape
  7. Lower Valley of the Awash
  8. Lower Valley of the Omo
  9. Tiya
  10. Simien Mountains National Park.

Ethiopia as a country has very culturally rich ethnolinguistic groups and the ancient rooting of these cultures has made Ethiopia cultural tours very outstanding component of Ethiopia safari trips.

The major 4 largest being ethnic Ethiopian tribes visited by tourists on Ethiopia tour-safari:-

  • Amhara.
  • Oromo.
  • Tigrayans &
  • Somali.

Regarding natural landscapes such as the great Ethiopian Highlands and the Sof Omar Caves – with Africa’s largest cave, the Blue Nile Falls among others make the Ethiopia safaris & tours amazing Africa safari trips.

Here is a list of major Ethiopia Highlands-Mountains & Hills to visit on your Ethiopia Safari.

  • Semien Mountains
  • Ethiopian Highlands
  • Bale Mountains
  • Afar Triangle

Sample Ethiopian tour packages | Ethiopian Safari Itineraries

Please note that you can customize your Ethiopia safaris to suit your interests.

Ethiopia Tours Packages / Ethiopia Safari Itineraries

7 Days Ethiopia tour to Omo Valley Tribes

7 days Ethiopia tour is a 6 nights/7 day Ethiopia safari to visit Omo Valley Tribes (Southern Ethiopia cultural tour) starts from Bole International Airport – Addis Ababa and features Addis Ababa city tour, Visit Ziway.. Read More

7 Days Ethiopian tour to Historic route

7 days fly in tour to Ethiopia historical sites is a 6nights/7days Ethiopia Safari to popular historical sites from Addis Ababa to Bahir Dar, Gondar, Lalibela and Axum by flight and back to Addi Ababa.. Read More

5 Days Ethiopian Safari to Danakil

5 days Ethiopian tour is a 4 nights/5 days Ethiopia safari to see amazing wildlife in Awash National Park, adventure the unique cultural and historical attractions in the Harrar region, Dire Dawa city, Addis Ababa the capital.. Read More

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