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Madagascar Tours & Travel, Madagascar Safari Tour Packages 2023/2024

Madagascar Tours & Travel/Madagascar safaris take you to visit the top Madagascar tour destinations as well as amazing people, community, and cultural Madagascar safari tours.

For over 12 years we have organized Madagascar tours and safaris that are custom-made based on our clients’ Madagascar safari special needs suitable to offer you a memorable African safari in Madagascar holiday visit to the many amazing Madagascar tour attractions.

Madagascar tour or Madagascar safari attractions include:- Morondava Baobab trees, Impressive scenic landscape, Black and white Ruffed Lemurs, Hiking to Waterfalls, Humpback whale watching, Reef Meets Rainforest, Charismatic chameleons, Sifakas, Ranomafana, Andasibe-Mantadia and Masoala National Parks.trekking Gelada Baboons, the famous churches of Lalibela as well as Ethiopian Wolves, etc.

Madagascar history forms part of the amazing Madagascar tours, dating back to 165 million years ago got isolated from the continent of Africa and has since featured independent development of flora and fauna. Madagascar tours usher you into the land of great diversity known for a wide range of lemur species, orchids, and birds.

It is recorded that over half of the breeding birds on the Island are endemic along with other native species such as the aye-aye, red-bellied lemur, and the indri which is the largest of all species of lemur making tours to Madagascar special of their kind.

Madagascar surrounded by the vast Indian Ocean is often referred to as the eighth continent because of its great ecological diversity and lasting heritage.  The beautiful Baobab Avenue with nice Baobab trees dating up to 200 years, the Ranomafana National Park with its endangered Golden bamboo lemur, Masoala National Park with 10 species of lemur including aye-aye the world’s largest nocturnal primate, Andasibe-Mantandia with 11 lemur species including indri – the country’s largest lemur and Royal hill of Ambolimanga forming the centerpiece of the Malagasy people combine to make holiday vacations in Madagascar beyond the ordinary.

Other incredible landscapes include; Ifaty with its fishing history, Isalo National Park marked with profound canyons, grassland, and sandstone formations and Lle Sainte Maire with its deep Pirate history.

Madagascar thus stands as an impressive destination for hiking, diving, recreation, nature walks, and cultural explorations among other lasting adventures.