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Tourism activities in and around Nyungwe National park-Rwanda Safari News

nyungwe canopy walkNyungwe national park is found in Rwanda and it’s an Eco-tourism destination which has got many hiking trails, these have offered tourists great opportunities for the birders, those interested in chimpanzee tracking, monkey watching and camping, this has helped in increasing the number of safaris to Rwanda since the park offers canopy walks in East Africa.

The hiking trails are loved by the tourists who enjoy mountain climbing and this has attracted many visitors who have come up to participate in the climbing , this activity has contributed high incomes to the tourism industry in Rwanda hence helping in developing the tourism sector.

The park also offers birding safaris since it has got many birds totalling to 278 species and 26 of these birds are endemic to the Albertine rift valley, the parks offers one of the best birding safari destination in East Africa, most of the birds which can be enjoyed by the birders include; the blue headed Sunbird and the blue turaco and the crowned hornbill, all these have helped in attracting more tourists to come for safaris to Rwanda.

The park also offers primate watching which has attracted many visitors to come for chimpanzee trekking safaris to Rwanda, these include; chimpanzee and also the golden monkey tracking , this has also added on the amount of revenues that is collected from the tourists.

This park has also got variety of species of orchids which are enjoyed by the tourists, who come for safaris in Rwanda, the park is a home to 154 species of orchids and 8 of these are endemic to Rwanda and also 68% of these are orchid flora of Rwanda, therefore this park is considered to be the greatest concentrations of orchids.

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