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Tourism and Wildlife management in East Africa-Uganda safari News

wildlife safaris in ugandaTourism development in East Africa has been on a higher rate and this has been due to the increasing safaris which are carried out with in the country. Many issues have been coming up due to the restrictions which have been posed by some east African countries through refusing the non-registered cars from other countries to enter into other countries, cross border cooperation and the fees charged from the tour guides who move tourists from one country to another.

East African countries have decided to come together in order to discuss the challenges facing the tourism sector. These have greatly reduced the number of people who come for safari tours to Uganda. These challenges include; lack of support from the various governments, corruption, poaching and many more problems which are retarding the growth of the tourism sector.

All the east African countries have agreed to work together since this will help in improving the tourism sector and also help in marketing the attractions which are found with in the east African countries, this will in other wards help in increasing the number of tourists who come to safari Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda, hence leading to increased revenues of the country.

The partnership will help in the implementation of the tourism policies and later will help in developing the tourism sector to another level hence attracting more people to come and enjoy the beauty beneath east African countries thus increasing safari visits to Uganda.

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