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Tourism can be a key growth sector in Uganda!

Uganda tourisRwenzori snow capped mountainsm  sector`s potential continues to grow despite some challenges. In the past few years, there has been renewed interest in this sector in Uganda, partly due to the uprising number of local tour operators that have given the industry more visibility.

The Ministry of Tourism has also started promotions and aggressive marketing to showcase the Uganda’s tourism prospects by using platforms such as the social media on the entire world stage
It is definitely great news that Uganda’s tourism fortunes continue to rise. A few weeks ago,  the flagship publication of National Geographic Society, the National Geographic — a leading travel publication listed Uganda on their “top 20 must-see places of 2013”.

This publication listed Uganda`s rich savanna, rain forests, enormous lakes, and the glacier-clad or snow caped Rwenzori Mountains as key attractions that make Uganda a superior world safari destination making a Uganda safari as commonly known,having any on Uganda safaris a greatly rewarding venture.This development comes just after a year after another top travel website, Lonely Planet, listed Uganda as the top most country to visit in 2012, should give us more reason to jealously guard and preserve our natural environment.

|It is known that few Ugandans are interested in our local tourism. Because they have not taken interest in discovering how richly blessed Uganda`s nature, many prefer to go for a holiday abroad.

Bird life International, a global programme on conservation and protection of birds, named Uganda the best bird watching destination for 2013 a few weeks ago. Most of these accolades are significant because they reveal the unique features about our country that other countries, or even Uganda, do not know. Uganda, a country with 34 impressive bird watching sites having diverse bird species is obviously every bird watcher’s dream destination as well as a dream Uganda safari destination.

International listings are of great importance, Ugandans should not take them for granted. Being one of the top tourist destinations places responsibility on the government of Uganda  to increase funding to the tourism sector and engage in vigorous promotions and marketing plans already in place to attract more tourists to the country and increase government revenue as well as employment to many Ugandans that definitely improve lives.

It is important that all Ugandans must own this sector by promoting local tourism through visiting Uganda`s various tour destinations and individually contribute to preserving all Uganda tour attractions. Ugandans must collectively make tourism a central growth sector.

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