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Tourism can transform the employment of the disadvantaged groups in the society – Uganda safaris news

The traditionally disadvantaged groups in the destination communities can generate livelihood from the tourism industry. The tourism industry is considered to be among the best industries that have got high multiplier effect and trickle down effect on the local economies. This is because the amount that a traveller on a safari in Uganda goes down to even the local person on ground.
The tourism value chain development has got the capacity of ensured a sustained economic growth and transformation for disadvantaged groups like women and youths. Other states have already realized this for example, Mozambique and Cape Verde something that can be replicated here in Uganda and other neighboring destinations.

The tourism industry is seen as a perfect avenue which can enhance a range of interactions in transport, traditional handcrafts, agriculture and a wide range of local businesses. This is because a tourist uses a wide range of element at the destination while purchasing some items such as buying souvenirs while on Uganda safaris. The tourism industry is also seen as an avenue through which the image of the destination can be elevated to the International scale creating awareness of the country’s manmade, natural and other assets that in turn pull foreign investment that ultimately leads to increased job opportunities.
The development of cultural tourism attractions is seen as a perfect way through which these disadvantaged groups can get into the tourism industry and directly benefit from it. With the trend slightly shifting towards cultural products, these local groups can take advantage of it and enhance their wellbeing. For example various community groups have positioned themselves to tap the cultural tourism opportunities presented by visitors on Uganda safari. If the workers in tourism establishments like safari lodges where travellers on a safari in Uganda stay are coming from the local communities, they tend to spend their wages to the advancement of the local communities. In some destinations, the supplies are got from within the local environs like building materials and light manufacturing which favors local economic growth and employment to the youth and women in return.
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