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Tourism exhibitions to improve Uganda’s tourism-Uganda Safari News

Touruganda women craftingism exhibitions are so crucial to the development of the tourism sector .This is because they help in marketing and promoting the tourist attractions of the country to the outside world. This has greatly helped to increase the number of tourists who come for safaris in Uganda.

The tourism Expos which are carried out with in the country have greatly helped in increasing Uganda safaris, which has helped in increasing the revenues of the tourism sector. This has been through show casing the attractions which are found with in the country. These include;mountain gorillas, chimpanzees,birds and many more.

International exhibitions have also been attended by different tour operators from Uganda, and these have also helped  to market Uganda to the outside world. Some of them take place in London, Berlin,Paris and many other countries.  

 Uganda has established itself as a unique tourism destination through offering different tourism products which are loved by the tourists, these include; white water rafting, hiking, gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, bird watching and many more which can be show cased by the exhibitions carried out with and outside the country.

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