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Tourism Funds to Uganda Cutdown-Uganda safari News

gorillaThe Us government has been funding the tourism sector in Uganda which has uplifted the tourism sector and therefore has promoted more safaris to Uganda.

These funds have been used to introduce and renovate the tourist attractions in Uganda and have promoted more tours in Uganda. The funds have also been used to develop the infrastructure of Uganda like the hotels, lodges and roads which have promoted more safari visits in Uganda hence boosting the tourism sector.

However the US government on a sad note has decided to cut its funds that have always been extended to the tourism sector. This has therefore reduced the number of  safari tours to Uganda since the tourism sector is undersized  by the local and the outsiders who have been supporting it have lost the interest hence taking Uganda backwards.

The local people are therefore advised to like the sector for further development. This is so because if they put the effort in developing the sector then they will achieve from it through employment opportunities so as they earn a living. This will also increase the number of people coming to safari Uganda hence making Uganda a tourist destination.

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