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Tourism in the eyes of a safari guide – Rwanda safari news

black and white monkeysTourism industry has for long been seen in the eyes of the many as low paying industry thus attracting less attention for career seekers until of recent when the people have begun to understand the worth of tourist dollars. Safari guides form the center of Rwanda safari experience as they are the ones that eventually implement the package which has put together by the consultant in the booking offices.
Known as Eric Kayiranga, he has not regretted ever since he dropped his routine entry level corporate job in the year 2011. By using his small saving to buy a special hire taxi, Eric has roe through the process to his current as safari guide dedicated to serving travelers undertaking safaris and tours in Rwanda.
Today, the man boosts of rising from a cab driver to a licensed freelance safari guide. Getting inspiration from one of the clients that he had taken for Rwanda gorilla trekking safari experience in Volcanoes National Park who offered him a gorilla trekking permit, Eric fell in love with nature and opted to seek career in the safari guiding.
He consulted a range of senior professions and joined Rwanda Safari Guides Association and attended a range of trainings to gain broad knowledge of the attractions that travellers always encounter while on a safari in Rwanda and neighboring destinations like Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo.
Eric takes pride in tour guiding and notes there is nothing like a difficult client that may be a difficult guide. This is because the client is the King. He believes that tourism in Rwanda has got great potential to attract more world travelers to plans safaris to Rwanda and also prompt the national to do safaris in Rwanda. Cheap packages like mountain hiking, nature walks and visiting the museum can be suitable for budget travelers while established travelers can try out gorilla tracking in Rwanda and the chimpanzee trekking safaris. To him, the famous Nyungwe canopy walk and the wildlife safaris in Rwanda’ Akagera National Park make his travel life.
Eric notes that he has taken pride in the tourism industry noting that it far better than many corporate employments that he himself had tested on.
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