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Tourism industry still wanting in Uganda- Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours Safari updates

street sign postUganda Safaris have greatly contributed to the development of the tourism industry however there is need for improvement since the industry still lacks marketing and promotion in Uganda to the outside world. The economic and statistical study collected data on tourist expenditures, duration of stay, tourist activities, sites visited, level of satisfaction and suggestions for improvements in the sector.

Though the number of non-resident visitors coming for tour visits increased over the years, there was a lot yet to be done for the country to make tangible benefits from the sector. For example, the study revealed that more than one million non-residents visited Uganda last year, and it was estimated that half of them stayed at least one night.

The study also showed that  of the visitors who came for safaris, 19 per cent of these were leisure or cultural tourists, a segment industry players say Uganda must focus on to turn around its tourism fortunes. This was because the study revealed that leisure and cultural tourists spend 30 per cent to 100 per cent more than other types of tourists on a visit to Uganda.

The industry is still wanting because most of the visitors who come to the country are not necessarily tourists; many come for different reasons like business, research and non- governmental organisation work and education. This has affected the sector as well as the safaris in Uganda.

The study also found that tourists were for the most part highly satisfied with their trip to Uganda. However, respondents who were found at three entry points of Entebbe, Katuna and Malaba, identified transport within Uganda and insufficient visitor information, as well as the quality of customer service, as the main areas that need improvement. They added that once these are improved, the safari visits will greatly increase.

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