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Tourism pays handsomely in Ruboni.-Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours

Uganda safaris are to benefit from Ruboni located along the equator. However, the rumbling rivers born by the glaciers from the snow on Mt. Rwenzori plunge into Ruboni with the chilly conditions which have created home to the rare three horned chameleons and Rwenzori turaco. The ecological treasure has been waiting to be tapped to create prosperity of tours in Uganda.

Ruboni is to be turned into a paradise for tourists and to improve the quality of lives of the people around the area, says Irumba. This will help in improving of tours to Uganda.

Tourist visits to Ruboni have led to provision of employment opportunities to the local people, the residents led by Irumbi have set up accommodation facilities for the visitors, and they also prepare meals for their visitors who either go for bird watching or hiking along the slopes of Mt Rwenzori. More so, when the visitors retire in the evening, the residents lavishly entertain them with traditional dances and folk stories.

Uganda journeys to Ruboni have increased the incomes of the local people since they earn money from fruits, food stuffs and hand crafts that they sell to the tourists/ visitors and these incomes have improved the lives of the local people and the tourism sector as well.

According to Irumba, the local communities have been given skills in modern agriculture. This has helped to improve productivity and soil conservation. Although the animals could forage on resident’s crops, the communities don’t get up in arms because the animals are seen as money spinners hence increasing tour visits to Uganda.

Because of the development of tourism in the Ruboni, there was the development of a camp which also helped in providing accommodation facilities to the visitors hence providing incomes to the local people. Another advantage to the residents of Ruboni is the majority of products, including accommodation that is cheaper compared to other places, which has helped them attract both locals and foreign tourist thus increasing on trips to Ruboni.

Although poverty has continued to push people to cut trees in Ruboni, the community has continued to understand the importance of conservation to their lives. And this has forced some residents to start planting trees under ‘Global Benefits’ which is promoted by Eco-trust.

It’s however noted that, tourism has got a multiplier effect since it reduces poverty in the way that it benefits all the players in the tourism sector which has resulted too many benefits to the people in Uganda and the tourists at large. All this has come about as a result of tours that are operated with in Uganda.

According to Rwamwiri, Ruboni stands out as one of the examples showing how communities can be supported to benefit from protected areas in their neighbourhood. He continues to say that cultural tourism should be tapped since there are practices and dances that are unique to different tribes across Uganda hence attracting many tourists who wish to enjoy safaris in Uganda.

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