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Tourism players demand government to improve Uganda’s road network – Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours

Uganda safaris are so important to tourism in Uganda, therefore its worth for the government to allocate enough money in the forthcoming budget to improve roads that link major tourism sites, says the tourism players.

It’s therefore important for the government to improve Kihihi-Buhoma- Katunguru, Kisoro-Rubuguri-Nkolongo roads in south western Uganda and Wobulenzi-Jinja in order to encourage accessibility by the visitors who come to tour Uganda, says the chairman Association of Uganda Tour Operators Mr Boniface Byamukama. In addition, Mr Byamukama argued the government to increase the budget for the tourism sector in order to market safaris in Uganda and Africa at large.

Tours to Uganda can also be improved in the tourism sector through arguing the government to increase funds allocated to the tourism sector in order to enable Uganda compete favourably with its neighbours. This will be possible since Uganda is gifted with unique products that need to be marketed.

There should also be capacity building, marketing and product identification and development in the tourism sector so as to encourage effective visits in Uganda especially for the tourists outside Uganda, says Mr. Byaruhanga, the president of Uganda Tourism Association.

There is also a need for parliament to increase the budget for Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and antiquities to at least 2 percent from 0.13 percent in order to facilitate safaris in Uganda.

The government should also support Uganda Tourism Board financially by increasing its budget from shs 1.8billion to at least shs 2.0biliion in the next financial year in order to encourage the marketing of trips in Uganda by the Board.

However, the government proposed a tourism levy which was welcomed by the tourism players saying that it will help the ministry to meagre resources in order to support tour activities in Uganda. More so, this Tourism Development levy will act as an alternative funding for the tourism sector.

Uganda safaris will be improved since the tax that is collected from major areas like the hotels, food, and gym among other tourist service providers will go to the tourism Development fund.

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