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Tourism Revenues increase in Rwanda-Uganda safaris & Tours

imagesThe tourism sector in Rwanda is one of the leading sectors of the country and it has contributed high revenue to the development of the country. This increase is mainly from the increasing gorilla trekking safaris which are carried out with in the country, hence increasing the revenue of the sector.

It’s known that Rwanda earns $142.5 from tourism, and this is mostly generated by the mountain gorilla tracking safaris which are carried out from Rwanda. The country receives a total of 664,727 visitors from the outside countries; this total greatly has helped in increasing the revenues of the country.

Therefore the tourism earnings of Rwanda increased by 11% and the visitor numbers increased by 14%, this has helped in the development of the tourism sector in Rwanda and also the development of the country. This has helped in the increase in the safaris to Rwanda.

The Rwanda tourism board commented that the increase in the revenues and the numbers of visitors are so important in economic development and in generating opportunities for improving the lives of the people of Rwanda, this more so will help in increasing the number of tourists who visit the country hence increasing Rwanda safaris.

The revenues have increased since the tourists have continued to visit the country Rwanda; this is because they get value out of their money that they spend during the safaris in Rwanda. There is also good security which is provided to the visitors especially in the national parks.

The investment in the tourism sector has been done by the government since it has tried to construct more hotels especially in the parks which have helped in accommodating many tourists who come for safari visits to Uganda.


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