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Tourism search to replace “The Pearl of Africa’’ logo-Uganda safari News

leopard- wildlife safarisAfter the removal of the latest logo that was invented in  the course of the last years ‘‘Uganda Gifted by Nature’’, the Uganda tourism board saw a need to rename Uganda recently known as the ‘The pearl of Africa’’. Therefore to make this come to pass, An operation has been initiated in the form of a rivalry where the public is designing new logos and whoever wins will be given a prize 10m Uganda shillings. This will be entertaining and will help promote the tourism sector hence more Uganda tours

The logo should contain the true nature of Uganda that can attract more safari visits in Uganda including National parks, good atmosphere, friendly nature of people, traditional and cultural dances, local food stuff, craft attractions, luxurious areas to mention but a few that tourists testify about the country. Several meetings will be held so as to educate participants on what they haveto do. In this way Uganda will produce the best logo which will increase more safaris to Uganda.

It is said that people from other countries are also free to join competitions since the entry is not blocked. The submission letters will be delivered to the Uganda Tourism Board offices and definitely the best will be chosen among all. This can explain how attractive the logo will look like therefore this will help promote Uganda safaris.

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