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Tourism sector lacks government support-Uganda safari News

The tourisattractions in ugandam sector has been considered as the highest income contributor to the country. The industry budget has always been given little funds which has affected the projects which are carried out with in the sector. This has affected the safaris to Uganda and also the ranking list since tourism no longer stands among the professed priority sectors inspite of the contribution it makes to the national economy.

The tour operators have continuously accused the government of not funding the tourism sector even without giving it the due recognition and the budgetary support that it deserves. The different government officials have continued to think that the tourism sector does not require any financial support since they think it’s a static industry. This has affected the number of people who come for safari tours to Uganda, therefore leading to the reduction of revenues in Uganda.

The low funding has affected the marketing of the tourism sector. This is because the budget allocation to the tourism sector is always reduced and the tourism board is left with no option apart from not carrying out its work. If the tourism sector is well funded, it can help in creating jobs to the people, boost foreign exchange earnings, can also help in attracting foreign investment and also making the country popular as a tourist destination. This can help in increasing the number of safari visits.

Marketing and promoting of the tourism industry should be done mainly by the government so that the number of tourists who come to safari Uganda can gradually increase, this will help in increasing the incomes of the tourism sector and all the stake holders, hence developing the country.

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