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Tourism sector leads in Rwanda-Rwanda Safari News

girafe- Akagera NP rwandaThe tourism sector in Rwanda is the highest income earner to the country and this is due to the increased number of safari visits which are carried out with in the country. The tourism sector of Rwanda has brought in increased number of tourists to the country and this has helped in improving the tourism sector.

Rwanda’s tourist attraction which brings in high revenues are the mountain gorillas which are found in volcanoes national park, these have attracted many gorilla tracking safaris to Rwanda, this has greatly helped to increase the number of tourists who travel to Rwanda, hence improving the development of the country.

Rwanda’s tourism sector has mainly improved due to financing which is done by the government of Rwanda which has helped to finance the projects of the tourism industry and also developing the infrastructures of the sector, like the hotels and the roads which lead to the national parks, this has greatly helped in increasing the number of tourists who safari Rwanda.

Rwanda has got many tourist attractions which include; the chimpanzees which are found in Nyungwe national park, the wildlife which is found in the national parks, the culture of the people of Rwanda, land scape and vegetation and many more which have increased safaris to Rwanda hence developing the tourism sector.

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