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Tourism stakeholders happy with the future of EAC-Prime Uganda safaris & Tours safari updates

eaccThe cooperation which is taking place among the East African countries that’s to say; Uganda , Kenya and Rwanda has really started showing fruits since tourism has started improving in the three countries, this has helped in increasing Uganda safaris. Rwanda safaris and Kenya safaris.

Through the integration, the three east African countries have agreed to a single visa and also the use of identity cards as travel documents. This will help in improving the movement of people in the three East African countries hence helping in increasing safari visits.

Stakeholders in the tourism industry are bound to benefit from the integration since Mombasa will help in promoting coast tourism which will help to enhance tourist activities in the member countries. This will however help in increasing safari adventures to East Africa.

The integration will help in fostering regional tourism corporation among the East African countries, that’s to say Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. This will continue to enhance good relationships among the tourism stakeholders which will help in improving the tourism sector in all the countries. Due to the good cooperation, safaris will improve in East African.

This is also considered to be a great opportunity for creating stability and it will also help in opening the East African economies to the outside world, and also there will be improvement in the movement of the member citizens to other countries. This will help Uganda to increase its safari tours other countries of East Africa.

The single visa will automatically lead to increase in tourism and an easy movement from one country to another country; this will also help in increasing both domestic and regional tourism among the East Africa countries. There is going to be increased tour visits to all the countries.

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