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Tourism, Uganda’s most loved sector – Uganda safaris & Tours

Ugandamountain gorillas in Bwindi NPs tourism sector has contributed to the development of the country since it has greatly contributed to the increase in the revenues of the industry; this has helped in the development of the sector hence leading to increase in safaris to Uganda.

 Tourist activities which have increased Uganda safaris include white water rafting which is done on River Nile, Bungee jumping, mountain gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, bird watching, boat cruises and buted more revenues than any other sector in the country, which has helped in improving the tourism sector hence helping in increasing safari visits to Uganda.

Uganda is considered to have 30% of the continent’s biodiversity, and this means that Uganda has a potential of attracting more visitors to continue coming for safari tours to Uganda. However, with all the nature and the wildlife blessed to Uganda, little of it has been exploited by the tourism sector; this is because there is lack of marketing and promotion by the ministry of Tourism.

There is need to exploit sports tourism and water tourism so that the number of tourists can be increased to Uganda, this will help in improving the numbers of safaris which are carried out with in Uganda. Hence helping in the development of the tourism sector in Uganda.

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