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Tourist attractions found in Mgahinga national park – Uganda Safari News

mgahinga gorilla national park Mgahinga national park is a park found in Uganda and it’s considered to be the smallest national park in Uganda, it has got mountain gorillas which have attracted many gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda.

This park also protects three Virunga volcanoes and these include; Gahinga & Muhabura, sabinyo and these are all found in Mgahinga national park, these volcanoes have greatly attracted many safaris to Uganda, especially for those interested in gorilla tracking safaris.

The park has got many tourist activities and these include; mountain gorilla tracking, volcano climbing, golden monkey tracking and the batwa trail. All these activities have helped in number of tourists who visit Mgahinga national park.

Volcanoe Climbing is a good experience that is carried out in Mgahinga national park and it has attracted many mountain climbing safaris to the park. The Virunga ranges are surrounded by good vegetation which will fascinate you; this will give a chance to adventure through the montane woodlands and bamboo.

Many tourists have enjoyed the batwa trail and this has these people have been considered as the local pygmies of the forest, these people entertain the tourists who come for gorilla tracking safaris and this has helped in increasing the revenues of the country.

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