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Semuliki Valley National Park is one of the less explored tourism hubs in Uganda and East Africa at large, suitable for Uganda Safari tours. The park stretches to the Semuliki valley, extending to the west of legendary Rwenzori Mountains, largely covered by the Ituri forest from eastern Congo covering an area of 220km2

Semuliki Valley National Park is definitely found within the Albertine rift valley region forming very peculiar scenery and unique environment favoring the survival of great biodiversity including a range of endemic bird species that are highly sought after by travelers on Uganda birding safaris and tours.

Taking a Uganda safari expedition to Semuliki National Park presents a lasting opportunity to explore unique natural offerings including the famous Sempaya hot springs. The male and female hot springs named Bitente and Nyansimbi respectively demonstrate the epitome of underground volcanic activity with the geyser boiling to 103°C and sprouting up to 2m high. The travelers on adventure vacation holiday safaris in Uganda at times boil plantains and eggs in the water and enjoy a picnic experience.

Besides the hot springs, Semuliki National Park is a credible birders paradise with a great deal of forest birding experience. No wonder most of the Uganda birding safaris itineraries like the 14 Days Uganda birding watching Safari tour hardly miss out this spot!  With 441 bird species and home to 66% of Uganda’s forest bird species, Semuliki National Park is by no means an ordinary birding destination. Some of the bird species include; Congo Serpent Eagle, the long-tailed Hawk, Black-wattled Hornbill, Lyre-tailed Honey guide, Nkulengu Rail and Black-wattled Hornbill among others.

During the forest walks, the sights of primate species including Chimpanzees, Black and White colobus Monkey among others may not be missed. Other wildlife such as the water chevrotain, pygmy antelope and a range of duiker species thrive in the park.  

The tribal groups around Semuliki National Park such as the Batwa – former forest dwellers at Ntandi and the Batuku – cattle keepers offer a rewarding experience to the travelers on Cultural tours in Uganda.

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