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Home » Blog » Tracking golden monkeys in volcanoes national park – Rwanda safari news

Tracking golden monkeys in volcanoes national park – Rwanda safari news

golden monkey -RwandaVolcanoes National Park goes beyond Rwanda gorilla trekking safaris. Perched on the slopes of the Volcanoes, the Volcanoes National Park is a home to the endangered golden monkeys which have been habituated to form a ground for golden monkey tracking in Rwanda.
Tracking golden monkeys can be considered as one of the highlights of park and scientifically referred to as Cercopithecus Mitis Kandti, the golden monkeys dwell in the high altitude landscapes of forested hills of Volcanoes National Park that is always visited by travelers on safaris in Rwanda.
Known to be sub species of Sykes Monkey also referred to as the Blue Monkey, the golden monkeys are believed to thriving only in the high slopes of the Virunga massif on a world scale and being among the rare specs, they have been listed as endangered. It is such a life time encounter viewing these impressive species as they leap from the branches of the bamboo by Rwanda safari undertakers on leisure and research.
Volcanoes National Park contains two (2) habituated gorilla families where by one contains about 80 – 100 members residing on the foot hills of Sabyinyo Mountain where it is explored by travelers on Rwanda safaris and tours. The trek to explore the golden Monkeys commence in the morning just like the mountain gorillas. The trekkers are given the opportunity to view the golden monkeys for one complete hour. Unlike the mountain gorillas, the number of participants for the day’s golden monkey tracking encounter in not limited. The encounter starts at Kinigi Park headquarters at 7:00am and one is required to secure a golden monkey permit at $100 per permit per person. The golden monkey tracking permit can be secured way back in advance or can be acquired at the Volcanoes Park headquarters on the morning of the golden tracking encounter. Travelers interested in porter services can also secure them at the park headquarters.
Golden Monkeys are entertaining creatures and present nice views as they leap from one branch to the other making it difficult to take settled pictures. Thus, most of the travelers opt for fast shutter speed for their cameras in order to get the golden monkeys on film and also allow for the low light in the dense undergrowth. The golden monkey has presented a perfect supplement for a second night in the Volcanoes National Park for travelers on safari in Rwanda.
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