Facts and Figures

Uganda as a country lies across the Equator right in the heart of Africa in east Africa.

The country is bordered by Congo in the west, Kenya in the East, Rwanda in the South West, Tanzania in the South and Sudan in the north making Uganda a land locked country in east Africa. Uganda is roughly the size of England, covering a total area of 236,040 sq km, with a population of about 30 million people. read More


Uganda’s climate is greatly influenced and determined by its altitude, water bodies and forest cover. Lake Victoria shared by Uganda Kenya and Tanzania, registers as the largest lake in Africa and second- largest freshwater body in the world. Lake Albert ,Edward and George lie on or the close to the Congolese border, the ill-defined marshy lake Kyoga lies in the center of Uganda. On the shore lake Victoria at Jinja registers Owen Falls today submerged by the Owen falls dam regarded as the official source of the nile,the longest river in the world. Read More

Culture Tours & Trips

Uganda’s cultural history has made it one of the most visited by tourists. Culture here is rich and dynamic dating from 14th century when the interlucustrine kingdoms were formed. People here are very hospitable and receptive to foreigners. Cultural sites such as Kasubi Tombs , Uganda Museum and
Namugongo martyrs shrines have attracted both local and international tourists. Read More

Travel Magazines

The Eye Magazine, is a free travel magazine that contains Tourist Information such as Hotels ans lodges,flight guides and road distances,National Parks and leisure places and activities in Uganda.It also has tour and travel companies, info about Embassies and Health and sports.It has Maps of directions to various parts of Kampala city. It further contains reviews on Movies,Books and Culture, nice articles about Education, Charities plus culture. Read More

Traditional Music

Musical instruments play a major role in Ugandan communities. They add to the economic,social, psychological, and educational as well as the therapeutic being of the people and communities as a whole. Musical instruments form a big part of people’s history and cultural heritage. At a point in life, musical instruments are used in people`s daily life activities. Read More

People & Culture

Uganda lies entirely between the two arms of the Great Rift Valley in East Africa. To the west, Uganda a borders Zaire (former Belgian Congo). This border concides with the western Rift Valley occupied from north to south by Lakes Albert, Edward, George and Kivu. On this border with Zaire exit also, the Rwenzori mountain ranges, the highest point of which (Mt Margarita) is 5,119 meters high. Further south west between Lake Edward and lake Kivu ,there is the volcanic Muhabura range protruding from the rift Valley between 3,500 meters and 4,000 meters high. Read More

Uganda Flights

Are you interested in flying in or out of Uganda? – Entebbe international Airport of Uganda runs flights to all major cities by airlines all over the world,both for passenger and cargo handling services.Flight providers in Uganda include SN-brussels, Emirates, British Airways,Kenya airways, Ethiopian Airways, Air Tanzania, Rwanda air , East African Airways and Egypt Air. Usually local flights are provided by Eagle air,United airlines and Dairo air and these also fly to Juba (southern Sudan). Read More

Diplomatic Missions

Foreign Diplomatic Missions in Uganda. Read More

Traditional Crafts

Part of culture in Uganda is Art & craft, people`s traditions are the lead source of inspiration to craft development. People`s feelings as they respond to various events of history as well as their environments influence Art & crafts spontaneously. Constant practice of artistic skills and knowledge creates beautiful Art and Craft works and these are a source of employment in Uganda since traditional time.Read More

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