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Trekking 13 Group (aka Agasha Group) Gorilla families in Rwanda-Rwanda Safaris News

rwanda gorilla safarisRwanda is one of the blessed countries in the world where travelers on their Rwanda Gorilla safaris can enjoy uninterrupted encounter with the Mountain Gorillas in their natural habitat of Volcanoes national park. Volcanoes national park Venerated with Virunga massifs one of the gifted parks in the World protecting almost half of the total numbers of the mountain gorilla living in the wild.
In Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park, the mountain gorillas have been habituated to allow visitors on their gorilla trekking safaris to Rwanda to enjoy one hour encounter with the mountain gorillas. Among the ten gorilla families habituated for tourism purposes in Volcanoes include the 13 group famously known as aka Agasha gorilla family. Trekking this gorilla family enables you to have life time experiences which no one can get it elsewhere apart from taking gorilla safari tour to Rwanda .

The 13 gorilla group dubbed the aka Agasha derived its name from the 13mountain gorillas in which it’s originally habituated. The famous 13Gorilla group is currently composed of 25 mountain gorillas and this implies that trekking this particular gorilla group while on your Rwanda gorilla safaris and tours offers great opportunity to freely enjoy the sights of the different gorilla members that form the 13 gorilla group.
Taking Mountain gorilla trekking safaris to Rwanda’s volcanoes allows you to interact with the different gorilla members in 13 gorilla group including even the 1 silverback as well as the 12 female adult gorillas plus even the sub adult females gorillas .Trekking the group allows you to meet the three Juvenile and seven babies which are play some and not scared of human beings.
A maximum number of 8 tourists on their gorilla tours and safaris to Rwanda are allowed on one particular day to trek the 13 gorilla group and the trek takes you through the hilly forested areas of the volcanoes national park. One you are up close to the group, you will be allowed to keep a distance of 7 meters way from the group and you will be allowed on single hour to study the interesting characters of the gorilla group members.
Trekking the 13 gorilla group while on your Gorilla trekking safari tour in Rwanda will offer you an opportunity to listen to the interesting history about this gorilla group. The ranger guide will explain to you all about the aka Agasha Group during the one hour that you will be allowed to spend with the gorilla group and the experience you get is thrilling experience meant to stay for the rest of your days on earth.
In conclusion, Volcanoes national park remains the safe haven where travelers on their Rwanda gorilla trekking safaris can enjoy their safari holiday.
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