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Trekking gorillas from nkuringo gorilla camp – Uganda gorilla safari news

gorilla-in-uganda safarisPerched on Nteko Ridge at 2161m above sea level, Nkuringo Gorilla Camp is an impressive mid-range accommodation facility for travelers on gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda overlooking the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.
The Nkuringo Gorilla Camp has a rewarding view across the River valley of Kashasha before stretching to a forested raised hill named Nkuringo not forgetting the abundant forest of Bwindi. The area in which it is located is a home to one of the twelve gorilla families that have been habituated in Bwindi to be encountered by travelers on gorilla safaris in Uganda. The Nkuringo Gorilla family thrives in the hills of Nkuringo feeding on the verdant vegetation that have supported it for centuries past. Being a single gorilla family, it is capable of taking eight (8) gorilla trekkers per day and Nkuringo Gorilla Camp would be the best base for this lifetime activity.
Nkuringo Gorilla Camp has four lush handcrafted cottages that are self-contained along with four (4) Virunga Terrace rooms which are also self-contained, a family cottage that takes up to five (5) people and provision for lazy camping with tents provided in its impressive camping ground for those that like camping while on their Uganda gorilla safari.
The Camp uses solar power and thus low voltage electric lighting is used and at times paraffin lanterns. If the traveler wants to keep the lights on for the whole night an extra battery can be provided. There is also an electric generator which generates power for charging batteries for phones and cameras. There is adequate parking for the safari vehicles while its restaurant serves all food items both local and International prepared from its open Kitchen which is a sign of confidence in the process of food preparation at Nkuringo Gorilla Camp. Travelers on Uganda gorilla safaris and tours are always in love with this kind of arrangement.
The camp proved hot water for shower though water is a bit scarce in the Nkuringo Area considering its elevation. In the rain season, water is harvested in tanks but may not be sufficient enough in the dry season. Waster is then collected from Rubuguri 10km from Nkuringo by use of vehicle to service the Camp. The mosquitoes are not a common feature at Nkuringo Gorilla Camp considering the elevation of the Camp and the cold temperatures in the evening.
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