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Trekking the legendary Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda- Uganda Safari News

Rwenzori mountainsTrekking the mystic Rwenzori Mountains also called Mountains of the Moon is a surely an impressing and fantastic experience which can only be got by taking safari tour to Uganda. Having face to face encounter with the wonderful glaciers found at high altitude of the mountains of the moon and experiencing the beautiful valley composed of nine lakes is an experience one should not just read or wait to be narrated too by friend but rather it should be you sharing the memorable experience when you confirm your Uganda safari tour and i guarantee you the experience you will get from the trip will keep meditating on your mind for the rest of your life time on earth.
The diverse beautiful flora and fauna with various biospheres as one goes through distinct vegetation zones offers the ultimate experience for trekking. Trekking the mystic mountains of the moon of the famous destinations usually encountered on Uganda safaris is beautiful, impressing and rare trek that has never existed before time immemorial and it’s undoubtedly and unspoilt trekking places in the whole world.
World Heritage Site as recognised by UNESCO is really the award the park deserves because it offers the various chances for visitors to see nature at its natural and beautiful state. The unique beautiful vegetation changes from one zone to another depending on the altitude and the vegetation ranges from the diverse tropical rainforest to bamboo forests as well as montane cloud forests and lastly at the top alpine vegetation which hosts rare plant species which cannot live in the any of the lower vegetation zones. The scenery is surely attracting and at an altitude above 4,500 metres the white like snow and glaciers top up special ingredient to the beautiful views throughout the pristine mountain range – something that would leave you mesmerised when encountered on safaris and tours in Uganda.
The visitors on safari in Uganda interested in trekking should not be scared of the trekking facilities and services because Rwenzori Trekking Services provide different climbing and trekking equipments, options right from one day to last twelve’s day and these equipments ,options fit every style of trekking adventure and time schedule. Mountain Rwenzori is really a true mountain range with various climbing routes as well as the hectic adjacent and all this combined together in hike makes the mountain to have tough climb but besides that beautiful scenery is incredible. Travelling to Rwenzori Mountains is actually unique memorable experience because ones travellers reaches the park he or she starts to experience the changing climate characterised with high rainfall that is always more than three months per year, the rocks which are fully covered with moss as well as the high peaks and cliffs towering above the valleys which are meandering all over.
The sealing impression from the trek comes when visitors reaches Bamwanjara through the Kilembe route and here he or she is reward with the panoramic view of the main mountain peaks such as the Margherita peak which is the highest with the great tooth as well as the Elena peak in the middle is Mt. Speke, while on the left hand side Mt. Speke and from this you gain turn left to climb to Wiesmanns peak in order to have clear view of the Mt. Beker. All this can be encountered by undertaking Uganda safari tours.
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