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Trekking Nkuringo Gorilla Family in Bwindi National Park – Uganda Safari News

bwindi gorilla familiesWith rough estimate of 400 mountain gorillas being kept in the scene environment of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, Uganda is habitant to almost half of the total population of Gorillas surviving in the whole world. Gorilla tours in Uganda are done in two national parks i.e. Bwindi and Mgahinga but the most reliable park is Bwindi which is also partitioned into different gorilla trekking regions.
Trekking Nkuringo Gorilla family while on Uganda gorilla trekking safari tour is very enticing because the group is composed of 19 individual members including even the two silverbacks who are the leaders of the group. The group is also located in the Nkuringo gorilla trekking sector and the habituation period of this wonderful group of gorillas was finally completed in the year 2004.
The name Nkuringo in the Rukiga traditional culture means round hill and therefore the group was given name basing on the hill they first sighted the group. This particular group of the gorilla was commonly got in the beautiful gardens of the surrounding villages not within the park and the management of the park decided to habituate this group of gorillas.
This specific gorilla group always encountered by travellers on gorilla safari tour in Uganda had a habit of encroaching on peoples’ crops like sweet potatoes, bananas, and other tree leaves, roots among others. Due to the fact the group could spend much time in the gardens eating local communities’ crops, the management of the decided to open the group for tourism so that even the local villages could directly gain from the contribution tourists pay to trek gorillas in this particular group and the management of the park could also gain in the way that gorillas would be protected and conserved by the local people not killing them.
At first the group was under the leadership of silverback Nkuringo who finally rested in the year 2008, but on his death he left two dominant silver backs known by the names of Rafiki and Safari. From that time safari who was very sharp, intelligent, and energetic took over the role of being the leader of the group and short period of time roughly seven months, the family received blessing of newly born twins identified by the names of Muhozi and Katungi from the lovely mother Kwitonda but unluckily one of the twin called Katungi passed away at age bracket of 1.5 years old due to serious illness. This can be evidently encountered by planning a gorilla trekking safari tour to Uganda.
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