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UCOTA in promoting tourism-Uganda Safaris & Tours

ucotaUCOTA is an organization which is mainly based at promoting tourism at the community level. This has helped the local people to completely participate in tourism development which has helped in increasing safaris to Uganda hence increasing the revenues of the country.

This organization has also helped in encouraging sustainable tourism in Uganda which is the type of tourism that is encouraged which out damaging the environment. This type of tourism has helped in conserving the national parks and also protecting the animals from any kind of danger. This has greatly helped in increasing Uganda safaris.

The organization has helped in improving the lives of the local people especially those living near the tourist attractions, this has been done through encouraging the local people to carry out different projects which can be used to generate some incomes in order to improve their lives, this has greatly helped the local people to participate in tourism developments hence increasing safari tours to Uganda.

The organization is also acknowledged for promoting conservation and preservation of national parks and the wildlife which live in those national parks. This has helped in encouraging proper management of the tourism resources hence leading to increased safaris in Uganda.

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