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Uganda; a land blessed by the creator – uganda safari news

With a location to thank God for, Uganda is situated in the diverse and biome-rich Eastern region of the African continent neighboring Nation States like Congo DR to the west, Kenya in the West, Tanzania in the South, South Sudan in the North and Rwanda in the South West. The country lies at the geographical coordinates of 1°00′N 32°00′E, covering a total area of 241,038 square km, 81.7% of which is land and the remaining 18.2% is covered by water.
Rising to record heights of above 5100m in the Rwenzori Mountains and dropping lower than 620m below sea level in the Western lake called Albert, Uganda forms an interesting sequence of topographical formations, greatly dominated by the life-bursting plateau; making it the ideal Tours and Safari destination for people who just want to see something stunning and something that is unseen before.
Though smaller in size when compared to her neighbors Kenya, Tanzania and Congo DR, Uganda is a continuous romantic fable of botanical diversity coexisting with countless faunal species like the botanical big game in the Rwenzoris and a congestion of many other wildlife treasures, including all of Africa’s big five. She is not only limited to showcasing species which are endemic to the East African region, but Uganda in her many ecosystems is still able to accommodate a long list of other foreign species some of which can only be found in central Africa.
Uganda continues to boast as one of Africa’s leading Safari and Tours destinations with a healthy list of globally coveted attractions ranging from waterways, geographical landforms, biomes, to one of the world’s most friendly and ethnically diverse nations.
The Ugandan perimeter surrounds coveted attractions for Holiday Tours and Safaris like the Source of the World’s Longest River, the Nile in Jinja; the World’s third largest existing fresh water-body, Lake Victoria; the resource-rich western arm of the great African Rift Valley; an insurmountable population of over half of the world’s surviving Mountain Gorilla families; a respectable number of UNESCO accredited World Heritage Sites (WHS) like the Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, The Kasubi Royal Tombs; and an inimitably hospitable people.
The gorgeousness of this country can never be exhaustibly explained in writing and the magnificence of things that we continue to discover in amazement, make this country difficult to comprehend. Embarking on a Uganda Safari and Tour is the only you way you can try to dig deeper into the appealing details of this incredible country. With arms wide-open, Uganda welcomes visitors all year round to come and partake of the gorgeousness that the creator focused in this small country.

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