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Uganda a mountainous country- Prime Uganda Safaris

rwenzori mountainsUganda safaris have been promoted due to the presence of mountains in Uganda. Uganda is a country located in central Africa and it’s considered as a mountainous country because it has got many mountains which have attracted tourists to come and have mountainous adventures hence exploiting Uganda’s tourism potentials.`

These mountains have increased safaris to Uganda and these include; Mountain Rwenzori, Mountain Elgon, Virunga mountains, mountain moroto, Mufumbira mountains and many more which have attracted many tour adventures to Uganda. These mountains are so interesting and have been hiked by many tourists.

It’s said that both in the east and west of Uganda, there are mountains, Rwenzori Mountain is the highest of all the mountains and it has got the highest peak which has attracted safari adventures/ tour visits from all over the world. The Rwenzori Mountain is snow-capped at the top of the mountain; these peaks include the margherita and Alexandra.

A Uganda safari will expose you to Mt Elgon which is located in the eastern part of Uganda near the border of Kenya. This mountain has attracted many mountain climbers because of its volcanic hills. Mountain climbing is carried out in these areas although more other tourist activities like game viewing, nature walks cultural visits are also participated in. The mountain is also rich in biodiversity of flora and fauna which have attracted many tour adventures.

Uganda as a country is a unique safari destination to hikers who are mostly interested in taking mountain climbing and trekking tours over small hills and big mountains. The snow capped mountain Rwenzori famed in ancient times as the mountains of the moon and it offers great and wonderful opportunities to hikers. The mountain has been opened to travellers interested in climbing not only the tallest ranges of Africa but also of the world as well

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