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Uganda; an ideal tourist destination – Uganda safari news

uganda -katonga -riverUganda dubbed the pearl of Africa stands in the East of Africa with counts of desirable attractions and people that prompt the world to consider it as an ideal destination and prioritize the Uganda safaris and tours. Regardless of the alerts that are always issued by the western powers over traveling to the region especially regarding terrorism, Uganda has triumphantly emerged past such negative advisories some of which do not turn out to be true.
At times, one would wonder why such advisories are not directed to  Western countries that also have been a target of terrorists. For example the Isis have hit Canada and continue threatening it, America its self which is the leading in issuing negative advisories has been a victim of terrorism and domestic acts that appear as terror such as the shooting at schools among others This means that everyone can be a victim to danger but not narrowing it to one state on speculative grounds. This previously had affected the travel numbers including those that plan safaris to Uganda.
The concerned people have come out to refute that claims and among those include the Executive Director of Uganda Tourism Board Mr. Stephen Asiimwe and though one would assert that he is paid to do so, other individuals and organizations including the tour operators have come up to dismiss the claims and position Uganda as an Ideal destination.
The foreigners including the Americas have lived in Uganda and invested in the tourism industry its self. Some are even operating tours and travel companies which organize safaris in Uganda for the interested travelers. These people have found no trouble in Uganda and continue to cherish its beauty that is beyond the ordinary.
Uganda gifted with almost half of the world critically endangered mountain gorilla that are always encountered on gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda, a range of wild game  in her rolling savannah parks presenting a rich ground for Uganda Wildlife safaris not forgetting a diverse pool of 65 tribes rich in culture and heritage not forgetting the magical highlands including the legendary mountains of the moon – the Rwenzoris with snow-capped peaks and the Nile River which is the longest in the world. This combines to make Uganda and ideal destination that is above negative publicity and biased advisories.
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