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Uganda backslides in global tourism rankings – Uganda safaris

fallingUganda‘s tourism sector has decreased due to many factors which have affected Uganda safaris. Despite receiving a number of international accolades in the past, Uganda slid a step back in the global travel and tourism ranking last year.

In assessing the attractiveness and competitiveness in the field of travel and tourism, the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2013 report released recently, ranked the Uganda 116th out of 140 countries. Although the industry’s ranking slipped, Uganda fetched USD805 million (Shs2 trillion) last year, according to data from the tourism ministry, up from USD662 million in 2010. This increase in revenue was attributed to the increase in safaris to Uganda.

Uganda, according to the report, is a victim of negative perception on the part of potential tourists, who have concerns for their safety and security, which are critical factors that influence tourists’ choices of destinations. This perception of tourists to Uganda as tourist destination has affected safaris to Uganda.

On the issue of safety and security, Uganda attained a rating of 124, out of the assessed 140 countries. Negative tourist perspectives tend to scare away tourists from choosing a country in question as a tourism destination.

The country also ranks poorly in health and sanitation where it is in the 125 position, prioritisation of the sector (109). In the area of business environment and infrastructure, Uganda ranks 121, just like Tanzania, and below Kenya’s 105 and Rwanda’s 117 positions. Under the human, cultural and natural resources parameter, Uganda ranks 77, just below Kenya’s and Tanzania’s 59 and 60th positions, respectively, but ahead of Rwanda’s 104 ranks. The poor rankings of Uganda have greatly its tour visits and safaris

However, due to the slipping rates, Uganda has continued to receive many tourists who have booked safaris to Uganda in order to watch gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable national park, chimpanzees in Kibale National Park, game drive for wildlife viewing, boat cruises and many more to be enjoyed while on the trip.

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