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Uganda bamboo ride – Uganda safari news

A bicycle made out of bamboo frame! Woo it’s really amazing. Have you ever imagined riding a bicycle not out of metal fabric but out of bamboo? Come to Uganda for a Uganda safari/Ugandan safari/Uganda safari tours /safari to Uganda and you will get to enjoy the feel.

Bamboo grass.

Its so surprising how many uses bamboo grass can be put to.  Bamboo grass takes 3 years to mature. It can be used to build houses, fences, roads to mention but a few.

Uganda safari
The stunning Bamboo bike.

Bamboo grass can help in salvaging parts of the country that are disturbed by effects of climate change. Areas around mountain Rwenzori normally experience landslides. So, residents of this area were urged to plant more bamboo trees. Same applies to Kisoro.

During Dr. Nathan Nshakira’s speech to the Batwa community, he said that bamboo is like gold to the Kisoro community. This meaning that bamboo is intensely important to the whole country and more should be planted.

This event follows the world bamboo celebration day where bikers were riding from Kampala to Kisoro roughly a distance of 470km. Amos Wekesa the Executive Director of Great Lakes Safaris ltd was positive about the discovery. This happened during the flagging off of the riders at national forest authority headquarters.

While biking through Kampala, Masaka, Mbarara and Kisoro, the bamboo bikers left multitudes astonished. The on lookers were amazed by the kind of things that bamboo trees are capable of doing. They felt the texture and even wanted to twist the bikes.


The bamboo frame costs $400 (Shs1.3m). This is because the manufacturers of these bamboo bikes work directly with the foreign market.

Bamboo bikes will greatly enhance and support bike tours. This small increment and innovation has elevated tourism in Uganda because it has become an attraction. It can also be turned into a minting money activity for the country at large. Bamboo biking is also an addition to activities like gorilla trekking in Uganda, bird watching among others.


Article by Prime Uganda safaris and tours Ltd

Uganda bamboo ride – Uganda safari news





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